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We often hear it explained that to achieve weight goals an individual needs to adjust both diet and exercise routines.  One without the other is not optimal. 

A similar directive can be said for some mental health issues.  Sometimes it's not just one approach that can help you reach mental health goals like reducing anxiety, focus issues or depression.  For some, it’s working on the mind through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, learning to change our negative thought patterns and improving efficiency of these new thought patterns with changing how your brain works.

One way to imagine neuroperformance is to think of your mind as a car and your brain as a road.  Your MIND chooses right from wrong, what it is interested in, how it wants to spend time or what activities are pleasurable.  Your BRAIN is an organ and functions to process data and conduct messages for basic body operations.

So, imagine you’re a car – maybe you’ve been in a few accidents, maybe it’s hard to open the door of the car, maybe it doesn’t go very fast or stop very well.  Working with a therapist in traditional talk therapy you can improve that damage by learning how to deal with dysfunctional thinking. 

Now imagine your car is fixed but the road it’s driving on has lots of bumps and potholes.  Even though everything is repaired with the car it cannot function at its optimal efficiency due to the road. 

Utilizing neurofeedback, to improve efficiency in the functioning of the brain AND talk therapy to help with the mind can help individuals reach their goals more easily and thoroughly.

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